The Play Strong methodology is designed to teach kids the basic movement patterns every human should know: How to squat, hinge, push, pull, lunge, twist, jump, land and breathe!

These things aren't being taught to kids by their school and sporting teams. This is the gap we endeavour to close!

Learning this stuff at their age is priceless!


Hi! My name is Adam and I'm a qualified strength & conditioning coach, focused on sports performance for young athletes.

I started playing basketball at 6 years old and never stopped (see me on the left?)! As a young athlete, I played reps, school and club basketball my whole childhood, with an agenda filled with games and/or training sessions almost everyday.

As a young athlete, I thought playing the sport I love as much as possible would make me the best player possible. Looking back, I now realise I made the same mistake the new generation are making.

Too much court and field time and not enough physical preparation.

At a young age our bodies crave stability and strength and they don't get this from playing their sport everyday! In fact it makes them weaker over time and hurts their performance long term.

My mission is to help young athletes reach their full potential much quicker than I did, by sharing things I’ve learned the hard way and teaching them important intangible skills like confidence, nutrition, body awareness & much more!

If you got to this website, you are probably in the right place! Let’s have a chat and see how I can help you play your best game! Scroll down and let's in touch - looking forward to all the amazing things we will achieve together!




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