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Athletes struggle to increase their vertical jump & speed. I have developed a training system to shortcut the process so they can have a greater impact when they play the game they love. 

Adam Treffiletti

Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach & Personal Trainer 

"I wasted precious years while my body was in it's prime trying to figure out how to get more athletic. 

I created Play Strong to help basketball players increase their athleticism in a much shorter time span than I did myself"

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Play Strong Training System 

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The training system I use with my clients is a combination of methods I have learnt from the best coaches around the world.

I haven't re-invented the wheel, I have just figured out the most potent methods of training through trial and error. Using my own body as an experiment, in combination with over 6 years of coaching experience. 

The system revolves around getting you stronger relative to your own bodyweight. To do this we utilize a lot of squat and split squat variations combined with loaded jumps to improve strength and power.


In addition the system uses a lot of accessory exercises to build up the core, posterior chain and lower limb (shin, calf and foot) 


To ensure continual progression and fast results we test regularly. The 3 main tests we use to track our progress are the counter jump, running vertical and broad jump. The Play Strong gym has a jump matt & vertec available to accurately measure these. 


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