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The Play Strong program has been designed to improve performance, rather than purely focusing on aesthetics. Improving some one’s body composition is a by product of improving human movement and getting stronger relative to your bodyweight, this is the Play Strong Philosophy.


Play Strong helps a wide range of people from working class heroes to children as young as 10 years old. However, Play Strong’s main mission is to dispel the myth that strength training will stunt a child’s growth. Through educating the parents and helping young basketball players develop by exposing them to strength training at an early age.



The way the basketball system is setup is not optimal for our young community. They are put in a situation where they play too much basketball and are over specialised. No one teaches them how eat and move their body correctly, this is the gap Play Strong endeavours to close.


With the rise of ACL and non-contact injuries this message is more important than it ever has been, as these injuries can easily be prevented. Also, with the rise of technology kids are growing up more comfortable than ever, strength training is the perfect tool to give them confidence and teach them how to deal with adversity.




Adam the creator of Play Strong is a strength coach that has combined two of his passions; movement and basketball. Basketball came first as he started playing at the age of 6. He played representative basketball for Sutherland Sharks throughout his childhood all the way into his early 20’s.


Adam has also been learning about human movement both theoretically and practically for the last 14 years and has been coaching people for the last 5 years. Before becoming a strength coach Adam worked in the construction industry for 10 years before finding his true calling as a coach and changed his career at the age of 27.


The only thing that held Adam back from progressing in his basketball career was his confidence. He had the skill but lacked the self-belief. This is the gift he wants to give to the people he works with as he believes training is the best way to build confidence and self-discipline in your life.

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