Teaching Kids How to Take Care of Their Body 



Firstly, lifting weights will not stunt your child's growth!

In fact, it has many benefits that will give your child an advantage over the kids who aren't doing any resistance training.



Injury prevention; external load strengthens their joints and increases bone density. 


Promotes growth hormones; it does the opposite of stunting their growth. 


Improve performance; they will run faster and jump higher.


The Play Strong program is designed to teach kids the basic movement patterns every human should know: how to squat, hinge, push, pull, lunge, twist, jump, land and breathe!

These things aren't being taught to kids by their school and sporting teams. This is the gap we endeavour to close.

Learning this stuff at their age is priceless!

Confidence & Discipline; one of the best tools to teach them how to deal with adversity.


Learn the basic movement patterns; gives them the foundation to build upon later in their teens.

This training is for kids aged 8-14 years old. We use a combination of body weight and external resistance to strengthen and mobilise their body.

We focus on giving them the exact opposite movement patterns that they don't get exposed to from their sport everyday. This is how we bring balance back to their body.

about ME

My name is Adam and I'm a qualified personal trainer and strength & conditioning coach. 

I've been through exactly what these kids are going through. I played reps, school and club basketball my whole child hood. I either had a game or training session everyday of the week.

I see these kids making the same mistake, too much basketball and not enough movement preparation. It's hurting their long term development.

I was always the smallest on the court, I had the skill, but the only thing that held me back was my confidence.

Getting stronger gave me the confidence I needed, but I started too late! I want to give these kids the knowledge and opportunity I wish I had at their age.

(Yes, that's me in the video playing high school basketball)


Group sessions for kids will be run Wednesday afternoon/evenings & Sunday mornings @ Sydney Park (Alexandria) 

FYI, I keep the groups small (4-6 kids) so I can maintain a high quality session and give the kids the attention they need. 

Register below & I'll contact you with more information: |  Mobile: 0421 633 900

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