6 Loaded Stretches to Improve Shoulder Mobility

Shoulder Mobility

If you want to improve the way you move, or are interested in strength training. Having good shoulder mobility will help you get the results you want.

Mobility gives us freedom and allows us to get more out of our bodies. Also in terms of staying injury free and building proportion and symmetry, it’s probably the most important factor to consider in my opinion.

To keep things simple below is a simple diagram displaying basic shoulder movements.

Having a basic understanding of this is important, so you can asses your own shoulder range of motion and determine where you should spend most of your energy to improve the mobility of your shoulders.

Check out the video below, it will give you a well rounded approach.

The video shows some of the most powerful loaded stretches I have come across to improve shoulder mobility.

From what I have learnt and the experience I have obtained, passive stretching and foam rolling just doesn’t get the job done.\

That’s why loaded stretches are so effective, as they build strength not just flexibility.

It gives us usable range of motion, preventing injuries.

Some of them movements take practice before you become proficient with them, take your time with them and progress slowly. You should have no pain while performing the exercises.

Hope this video helps, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me.

Take care,

Adam Treffiletti

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